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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Five things to look at in mid-term aftermath

1. The 50/50 states. Virginia and possibly Montana may witness a long, drawn-out recount in the next few weeks. Experts at CNN insist the democrats’ margin of victory is more than enough to hold up, but we all may have to wait just a little longer for that elusive feeling of closure. (If that’s the case, Buck can wait a few more weeks before I pay him for our election bet.)

2. The independents. Joseph Lieberman is at least 90% democrat, but in a 51/49 senate, it’s all the ways he’s not a democrat that will make things interesting. Expect both sides to court the hell out of him before the end of the year—he should expect some pretty high leadership position offers, and he may get a few bones from Republicans as well.

3. Rummy’s replacement. Rumsfeld is out. Robert Gates is in. A former head of the CIA, Gates has served several presidents of both parties with distinction. But much like we witnessed with recent Supreme Court nominees, look for his record and character to be put under the microscope over the next few weeks. We should hear more than a few references to the Iran-Contra affair. Fun fun!

4. Obama’s presidential bid. He’s going to review his options, but by January we should know if everyone’s favorite Barak is running for president in 2008. As a moderate progressive from Illinois, it would be my wet dream if he won. Happy as I am that the democrats won yesterday, their leadership doesn’t thrill me; I can do without Hillary and Nancy, and Harry Reid couldn’t inspire his way out of a paper bag.

5. The first 100 hours. Forget the first 100 days—Nancy Pelosi has laid out a gameplan for the first 100 hours in power. Minimum wage increase, 9/11 commission review, healthcare… should be a helluva couple of days, unlike anything we’ve seen in Congress in over a decade. But will Bush veto anything, and if so, what?


Blogger Chance-86 said...

I had to try to decide which blog to post my response to. Both were well written and full of things that I totally agree with, as well as things that I question.
Overall, I am pretty happy with the results of the election. I am a true Moderate, a libertarian when my lost vote won't matter. I am a Social moderate and a Fiscal conservative...and please, Buck, stop bastardizing the word 'conservative' by implying that the current (although not for long) administration is typical of conservatives, because it isn't. I found a couple of comments noteworthy. The first being that this may be, simultaneously the worst president and the worst congress in history. The deep thoughts of this fascinated me. I don't think we would have seen the ridiculous slashing of rights and freedoms had there been more moderates, and less fear tactics.
Robert Gates: would have liked to have seen this 6 years ago. Not that I'm a huge fan, but in comparison to Rummy...'nuff said.
But, that is not the issue that sparked my curiosity. The one that grabbed me is Nancy Pelosi-Bush. She has exactly the same Imperial attitude that Bush has...and I don't understand why the Dems that hate Bush are all bowing down to the opposite side of the same damn idol. Her comments are frightening to a Moderate. All I see are more and bigger social programs funded by the "rich" --which is a term that has been used to rape me with taxes in the past, and believe me, I don't think I'm "rich" by any stretch of the imagination. The push for national healthcare is a herculon push toward bankruptcy. The raise of minimum wage does absolutely nothing except stoke the fires of inflation. Does anyone honestly believe that an employer will just 'soak up' the costs of increased labor? No, they will pass the increase on to the consumer. More paycheck, higher prices. What's the point? If the costs of increased labor CAN'T be absorbed, what happens is that small businesses go under. Those newly unemployed are the poor/middle class, not the rich. There are better ways to help the working class.
Indeed, this will be interesting.

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