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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Blogging? What's that?

I'm getting a new computer. This makes me happy.

Old Mac.
My computer hates me.  
Ordering a computer is a pretty crazy look at the modern world. After I place my order online, the computer gets picked up by FedEx in Shanghai, China. They then ship it to Anchorage, Alaska (taking the great circle route), where it gets held up a bit in customs. (And probably searched for child porn.) It then goes to a FedEx hub in Indianapolis, where it is put on a truck and quickly delivered to me in Chicago. Start to finish, the whole process takes about 4-5 days tops. And I can monitor each step on the FedEx Web site. Pretty cool.

Why the new computer (other than sheer embarrassment at being seen in public with the old one)? You may recall that I had to leave my job because I refused to take a drug test based on my right to privacy and the desire to maintain my impressive coke habit. (That there's a joke, all you future employers and girlfriends.)

Well, it turned out that my company couldn't really afford to let me leave, because their Web sites would have blown up. On one hand, that would have been fun to watch. But on the other hand, they're giving me lots of money. To work from home. For only 40 hours a week. Without taking a drug test.

Lesson: Stand up for your principles and you will be rewarded financially. And get to buy a tax-deductible computer.

Anyways, that (aside from my cat being kidnapped) is why I haven't been around here much recently. Seems like I should have a lot more free time now, but I've discovered that I kind of suck at "time management" and "not fucking around all the time." Plus, this get-paid-more-to-work-less gig isn't going to last forever, so I'm trying to start up my own Web business. I don't want to get rich, I just want to go the Ron Livingston route: sit on my ass and do nothing, or at least only as much as I absolutely need to.

Which isn't exactly the most ambitious plan ever, but will certainly leave more time for blogging. So, we all win.

In the meantime, since neither Gordon nor I seem capable of posting, you should check out an interesting discussion going on in the comments of his last post. Also, Friday chick blogger Julie Beth has been on a tear recently. Go read her at It's An Outrage.


Blogger Chance-86 said...

You ordered a computer from China? Wow. I thought you could only order children from China. What's next, will Best Buy start carrying assorted Chinese kids? that would be kinda cool.

But more to my point, since I so easily digress:

The last time I stood up for my principles, I lost my seat...and my job I'm just sayin. I think it has less to do with principles as it has to do with the fact that you're, like, uber-smart about computers and they're like uber-smart about not getting fucked. A wonderful symbiotic relationship that is a rare beauty in this materialistic world that we live in.
materialism is evil!
i want a new computer too....

Anonymous tet said...

Buck, I'm proud to know ya, good job. I've had three full careers, and in none of them have I crossed the moral or personal line that I drew ahead of time.

I'll be retiring in 13 months and 27 days and be free to find another one after that, if I wish.

The best bet is living your life in such a way that when you stare the reaper down (ask me about that sometime), you can say, "I did well and I did good."

Keep up the good work.


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