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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Turning wine into gold

I was sipping a cold glass of Jack Daniels while flipping through The Atlantic today when I stumbled upon this fun finding: drinking early and often is good for one’s career, at least according to the National Bureau of Economic Research.

In one study, a pair of health economists found that American men who drank heavily in high school in 1990 averaged noticeably higher incomes in 2000 than their sober former classmates. (No such link was found for women… sorry, ladies.)

Another study from the Reason Foundation found that self-described drinkers (male and female) earn 10-14% more than nondrinkers. The suggested reason? Drinking may help build the kinds of social networks that lead to success at the office.

I always knew I owed my career to the University of Illinois; turns out I was just toasting Champaign for all the wrong reasons.


Blogger Chance-86 said...

I had to think about your post for a second before something really bothersome hit me: why DOESN'T this statistic apply to women?
Even before I got to the possible reason, I had already drawn some of the same conclusions. It makes sense that drinking (early) affects one for 2 reasons. First, because you learn valuable social skills: what to say, what NOT to say, how to read people, how to resond to people, etc.... Second, because it is common to meet people who are in the same or related fields, thereby building contacts and business relationships that would otherwise not exist.
why is this less true for women? Socially, I think similar skills are built from similar circumstances regardless of gender. Beyond that, certainly, if a man and a woman are at the same party, they have equal opportunity to meet the same people. So why the difference?

My assertion is probably not going to make a politically correct, non-gender-biased society of ostriches happy, but I've never been one to shy away from my opinion, no matter how it may be perceived. I suspect the answer lies in the fact that men and women go to alcohol-infested parties looking for different things, and they respond differently to the same stimulus. For example:
Man to Man:
Man1: " what do you want to do for a living when you graduate?" (man, this guy has his shit together)
Man2: "I'm already working PT in publication" (thank god there is someone here who thinks of something other than football)
Man1: "Awesome. I do free-lance writing...." (dude, remember this guy's name"
Man to Woman:
Man1 " what do you want to do for a living when you graduate?" (I wonder if those are C-cup or D-cup?)
Woman1 "I'm already working PT in publication" (Wow what a nice guy...but is that a lazy eye? he keeps glancing downward)
Man1 "Oh...uh...ok." (definitely only C-cup...I'm going to go talk to the blonde with bigger tits that's standing by the keg)

Ok, that might not be the only reason, but come on guys...when you were (or still are, depending on age/marital status/etc)out at the bars, you talked to guys about 'real' stuff, and talked to girls as an attempt to get laid.

Or maybe that was just me...oh wait, that scenerio doesn't actually work for me, I guess...*sigh* Always the outcast. Oh yeah, I didn't drink in HS or College...
that explains my pay....

Blogger Gordon the Gnome said...

Wait, so what happens when women go to bars and strike up network-building conversations with other women? Does this not happen? What do women talk about with each other at bars, anyway?...

Blogger Chance-86 said...

I hate to the one to point this out to all of the open-minded men in our society, but the odds are that the women networking with other women won't get them too far. The work world, especially at the executive level is still grossly over-dominated by men.

And I have no clue what women talk about. Even when I listen to them, I'm not completely sure. And what the hell can take an hour in the bathroom at a restaurant/pub? Is the conversation really that much more interesting in there? I walk in, pee, wash my hands, and leave...trying really REALLY hard not to talk, or even make eye contact, if possible.

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