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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Smart Shopping + Cookies = Happy Mandasaurus

Giving gifts is a challenge, especially if you're related to people. It's hard to find the right gift for people who buy the things they need and want. It's really hard if those people are related to me.
Seriously, this year my dad delcared that he needs no more dvds or t-shirts and just joined a book club. Thanks.

Allow me to offer some smart, responsible gift ideas for you.

  • The Dixie Chicks album "Taking the Long Way" - The Dixie Chicks are amazing, brave women who stood up for what they said (and against the president when he was actually popular). The Dixies are nominated for Record, Album an Song of the Year Grammys. If you don't like country your open mind can still enjoy this album because it's powerful, political and thoughtful. Heck, the banjo is pretty awesome and no one can argue with a fiddle.
  • Books! - If you are shopping for a child buy that child a book. Kids need books. Books are good for them. Books make kids think. Books, seriously, make all the difference. That's according to research. Book are good for grown people too, unless that person just joined a book club.
  • Renter's Insurance - Hmmmm.
  • Fruit of the Month Club - I totally want this. And, therotically, it's healthy! Don't do Jelly of the Month Club. People don't like that.
  • Wine, liquor, donations to good causes, gift cards, checks and genuine promises of good times.

Anyways, enjoy your holidays. Whatever you celebrate you're getting (hopefully) an extra day or so off work. And people are cheering for snow, being oddly nice to one another and making yummy cookies to share. That's reason enough to have a good time.


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