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Friday, June 30, 2006

Punishing the punished

What goes hand in hand with investigating Katrina victims for misappropriating funds? Sending them to prison for extremely long times!

Wednesday, three residents of Kenner, LA were convicted of looting for trying to walk off with "27 bottles of liquor and wine, six cases of beer and one case of wine coolers" six days after the hurricane.

Yes, looting is bad. Yes, those convicted of it should do some time. But 15 years? There are bank robbers that get off lighter than that.

Once again, let's try some empathy on for size. It's been six days since the storm. There's no power or signs of authority. The local grocery store has already been broken into and ransacked...I don't know about you, but a couple dozen bottles of Jack might very well have been on my agenda.

Pearson, who had a clean criminal history, testified he went to the store to get insulin for his ailing mother, who stayed home through the storm and was running low on her medication. Deputies later confirmed Pearson's story and delivered the insulin to his mother, according to testimony.

Released from jail on bond, Little was later hired by the same store she was accused of looting, the store manager testified.
Oh yeah, let's lock these fuckers up before they loot again.


Blogger Matthew said...

Do you have a fact checker?

I would challenge you to name one bank robber who has spent less than 15 years in prison!

Blogger Professor Doctor said...

So, the judge is giving these three fifteen years in prison because he wants people to know that looting will not be tolerated... nine months or so after the hurricane.

I don't know if this was the best way to get the message across.

Blogger Buck B. said...

Not just that, Jon. When we start talking about "sending a message" by levying long prisons sentences, it's easy to forget that we're dealing with real people.

Is taking a good portion of these three people's remaining lives really worth whatever dubious benefit it might have on future looting? Remember, no one was killed, injured or even suffered any real harm (the store had already been ransacked).

There are a lot of ways to send a message. Inflicting needless suffering on others is among the worst.

Anonymous Toothpick said...

Everyman for himself right? These grocery stores have already claimed all their merchandise to the insurance companies so who cares if a few people walk off with some crown royal and boonesfarm. It's just part of the same double standard that is part of our country. Example the high sentences for the poor who use crack, while those who use coke get lesser sentences. Their both the same drug right? The poor man's drug of choice is the one with the stiffest penalties. So remember, crack is whack and never loot malt liqour in the south!

Blogger Buck B. said...

Hennessy, too. You probably want to stay away from that while looting.

Anonymous Telefon said...

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