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Friday, October 12, 2007

Yay or Nay? A business trip list

On Monday I'm travelling to Lisle, Illinois to attend a conference for work. I might learn some answers about what the hell I'm supposed to do in the office besides eat plums, drink coffee and pretend to understand what I'm organizing.

I've decided to create a list of pros and cons of this trip using my gut intuitions and the itinerary my boss gave me a few days ago. Here goes with List No. 2.

  • I will be staying at a nice hotel.
  • I will receive lunch, dinner, breakfast and another lunch. Allegedly there are also snacks. That adds up to a lot of food. I bet there's coffee too.
  • The hotel might have a pool.
  • I love to learn. I might learn something useful.
  • I will enjoy "Session III: Managing Difficult Employees" because I myself am a difficult employee and will learn new tricks.
  • On Tuesday training ends at 1:15 (after a "Wrap Up" from 12:45-1 - what the fuck?) and I'll get to do something fun the rest of the day! Like swim in the pool! Cannonball!
  • I will be sharing a room with someone who I don't know. I don't like that. I know I'm not winning any fights about the cost-effectiveness of paying for an individual room for me, but I'd also argue that it's not very cost-effective to put people from the city and suburbs up in a hotel less than an hour from their homes.
  • "Session I: First Time Supervisors" does not apply to me because I am not a first time supervisor. I believe I was required to have supervisory experience to get my current job.
  • I fear that "Lunch / Color Personality Analysis" will give me hives and suck all my special powers away.
  • If I eat too much I might get a cramp when I got swimming! Oh no!
I'll report back on Tuesday. Any guesses on my personality color?


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