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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

In defense of country music (not jerks)

Jerry Falwell died, and that's that. He wasn't a great person. He did some good things which are difficult for me to find on the Internet, actually.

But Falwell did far more public bad things. You can read plenty about the ridiculous crap Jerry Falwell pulled in his 73 years on other sites.

I don't make it a secret that I like country music. And when I tell some people that, especially when I'm rocking out to a song with a mean fiddle solo, they scowl. How silly.

I don't support Dixie-Chicks-haters, but I do support Tim McGraw.

I saw Tim McGraw, Faith Hill and other environmentalist rock stars at the Stop Global Warming Tour and he sang this amazing song, which he wrote. Partly because I assumed Tim McGraw, the liberal country heartthrob, was singing this just for me, I cried.

You might not like it, but at least you'll know that there are smart men in cowboy hats out there. And far too many really stupid men in suits running huge organizations.

Cowboy, take me away.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So I expected a huge reaction to the death of Jerry Falwell, perhaps a disection of his life, his work and his often dangerous and socially impacting values. I expected to be thrilled by the idea that a man whom I consider to be as dangerous as any terrorist has died. The man who wanted to create an army for Christ and to revert back towards Victoria ultra Christian principles. The man who wanted to blame the worlds problems on gays, non-christians and abortionists. Yet you write about cowboys and country music? Good lord, watch Jesus Camp and get back to us.

Blogger Gordon the Gnome said...

One thing to keep in mind about "inspirational" people (meaning those who inspire large groups of people one way or another): their message often becomes MORE powerful upon death than ever possible during their life. With that in mind, you may not want to "celebrate" his death to quickly...

Blogger Chance-86 said...

I had the distinct pleasure of going to a "religious" school for a couple of years. This school was in love with Falwell...and hated country music. Go figure.
I think the whole life of Falwell is sad. He actually started out with a positive pro-family message. Unfortunately, thru the years, he got power-hungry. His pro-'good things' message became anti-'other things' instead, and there is a fundamental difference between the two. As the religious zealots threw him bones of power, he flew further and further off-center. The sad thing, to me, is the number of followers that he had that took everything he said as gospel truth. Some very well-meaning people who viewed him as someone who was educated and wise (and the 2 are NOT the same). So when he got up there and said that Katrina was because of us fags, they blindly believed him. I'm not sure which sickens me more: the fact that he used a position of power to pervert the simple, or the fact that so many people just blindly followed a man without question.
My Aunt used to say, "I wonder how often Christ cries over the things that Christians do in His name."
I was recently interviewed and the subject of religion was brought up. When asked about it, I said that I believe that there is a difference between Spirituality and Religion. Spirituality is what naturally pours out of us. Religion is what freightened little power-hungry men do to force their Spirituality on the rest of us.
I think this country could use a little more true Spirituality, and little less Religion.

Oh, and Mandy, Rock on with those fiddles, baby. I am right behind you in my cowboy hat and shit-kickers.

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