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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I did a pink bracket! For women!

Mandasaurus attended numerous Rockford Lightning basketball games as a child, used to get rides to class with Illini players and wishes she could palm a regulation basketball. She really appreciates you reading this blog.

I'll be honest - I don't know a lot about the NCAA Womens' Basketball Tournament. But I'm learning.

I saw a commercial for the Women's Tourney and I was stirred. Theses women kick ass! They're big and tough and they can shoot. Plus you can bet on them with an easy-to-use bracket (I used ESPN's).

There's lots of reasons to enjoy women's basketball, not least of which is the fine game the women play. I've heard the games are fun and you can get up-close to the players.

Also, as one fan told me, "Female athletes are hot." Fair enough. I, personally, dig the physique of some male athletes and I'm not ashamed to say so.

I've upped the interest for some friends and I by creating a pool. With a $5 investment I'm raring to watch these games go down.

You can copy me and start your own Women's Bracket Pool. For a cool $5 apiece my pals and I are betting on the women. We're going to have a party at Ventnor's for the final game and I'm baking cookies. I asked some trivia buddies to join my bracket pool and all of them (all men) were psyched.

I picked Maryland, which might have been stupid. Or not. Heck, I still have time to change it up and pick the Sooners! That Courtney Paris is amazing, according to my sports guru.

I've decided to become a fan of women's basketball. I can't slam dunk, and neither can most people, but I'd sure like to see someone in a sports bra try. Wouldn't you?


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