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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Bush gets taken to the woodshed

Keith Olbermann has had my respect for a while, if for no other reason than his long-standing feud with Bill O'Reilly. But K.O. has really been cranking them out of the park recently. His evisceration of Donald Rumsfeld, where he slickly compared the Secretary of Defense to to Neville Chamberlain, was nice enough. But his 9/11 commentary on Bush simply takes it to another level. It's about nine minutes long, but well worth watching.

The video, and a transcript, can also be found on Crooks and Liars. And there's a compelling interview with him in Monday's Salon.


Blogger Brian said...


You beat me to it! I was literally just about to post this clip on Urbanagora. I was just telling Billy yesterday about how I love Keith Olbermann and think he's the only thing worth watching on any 24-hour news network. Should've been quicker to the draw. Gah!

Blogger Buck B. said...

Sorry to steal your thunder. But you should post it anyways... you can never have too much Olbermann!

I just wish I wasn't always working when he's on. Guess I won't have that problem for too much longer.

Anonymous johnny5 said...

Man, how awesome is THAT. I especially like the part at the end: "May this country forgive you." Read that as: "You are such a punk-ass sucker, I actually feel SORRY for your ass." I think the bit of mercy at the end is the most humiliating part of all.

Anonymous P. Pirx said...


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