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Friday, July 28, 2006

Friday car blogging

Neoconservatives believe that the most of the world's problems can be solved by a suitable application of military force and national will.

I believe that parking tickets are an infringement on my rights and I shouldn't have to pay them.

Neocons' beliefs have about the same effect in the real world that mine do:

Feel free to draw whatever comparisons you like between the Chicago Department of Revenue and terrorists.


Anonymous Kid Kybo said...

Unforunately, you car wasn't parked in the US and therefore you have no rights. This is Daleyland. Consider yourself lucky they didn't plant a tree in it.

Anonymous Toothpik said...

So is it your belief that the Chicago Dept of Revenue is in 'last throes' and will soon succumb to your might?

Blogger J-Flash said...

Ya know, I sort of support booting cars rather than towing (or worse, suspending a driver's license) for unpaid tickets.

It's definitely more incentive for me to pay -- I can see my truck sitting outside my window; I'm just unable to use it.

And there's much less hassle: I can call, pay by phone, and a parking officer comes and un-boots me later that day (I hope).

Also, generally the boot removal fee is much less than a tow, meaning I perhaps have the cash to actually pay the city its damn money.

And as far as Daley being unreasonable about it, the University of Illinois, Urbana and Champaign are all engaged in a similar plot of jackassery.

The U of I actually keeps a tow-on-sight list. I'm on it.

Blogger Buck B. said...

You might think that. But no, you have to pay in person. And if you don't pay within 24 hours, you get towed anyways. So it's more of a short-term reprieve than anything.

Mercy, thy name is payday loans.

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